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The Ethnographic Institute with Museum is one of the oldest academic institutions in the modern Bulgarian history. In 1892 in Sofia has been established the National Museum where one of the basic departments was the Ethnographic section, separated in 1906 as an independent National Ethnographic Museum. In 1947 at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences has been established Institute of Ethnography, which was united with the National Ethnographic Museum in 1949 and that was the beginning of the present Ethnographic Institute with Museum at BAS. In 1973 from EIM separated as an independent Institute of Folklore. In 2010, two institutes were united in a common Institute of Ethnology and Folklore Studies with Ethnographic Museum at Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.

Balkan Ethnology Department has been established as a separate section of the Ethnographic Institute with Museum of BAS in 2005. The Department covers wide spectrum of research fields in the sphere of Balkan ethnology. The main research interests of its members are directed to the issues of identity and ethno-culture (in its traditional and contemporary dimensions) of Balkan nations and varied minority communities, migration processes, different types of socio-cultural mobility on the Balkans.   

The Balkan Ethnology Department keeps an active partnership with research and teaching institutions and associations in different countries. The members of the Department participate in many research projects (national and international). They have significant record of publication activities (in Bulgaria and abroad) and of participation in different academic forums, international and national congresses, conferences, seminars and workshops.

In the Balkan Ethnology Department, according its profile, are prepared PhD students. The Department offer specialized PhD courses, open for PhD students from other institutions of BAS and from Universities in Bulgarian and abroad. Teaching of post-doctoral students, post-graduates and research fellows from the country and abroad is conducted too.

The members of the Department are lecturing in various Universities in Bulgaria and abroad.

The Balkan Ethnology Department publishes thematic series and books, maintains its specialized issues: Series Academica Balkanicą and Library Academica Balkanica.

Annual reports: 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 (in Bulgarian).

Balkan Ethnology Department
Institute of Ethnology and Folklore Studies with Ethnographic Museum at BAS
6A Moskovska str.
Tel.: ++359 2 805 26 14
Fax: ++359 2 805 26 11